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xoxno blogpost

XOXNO Deal on CV Pad

We are thrilled to announce the XOXNO Deal on CV Pad, featuring 1,000,000 XOXNO tokens up for grabs! Get ready to dive into one of the most innovative DeFi and NFT platforms on MultiversX ($EGLD).

Runes Terminal Blog Post Image

RunesTerminal Lottery Results - CV Pad

We're thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Runes Terminal lottery results! 

Runes Terminal Blog Post Image

RunesTerminal IDO: Unleashing the Bitcoin Ecosystem on CV Pad

Get ready for a groundbreaking opportunity as RunesTerminal, a beacon of innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem, prepares for its IDO on CV Pad. Leveraging the Runes Protocol, RunesTerminal is set to revolutionize how we interact with Bitcoin, bringing a suite of powerful tools and unmatched utility to the forefront. This launch is more than just an IDO; it’s a comprehensive campaign that includes a free Ordinals NFT Mint and Meme token launch, aimed at driving awareness and engagement.

Taiko Blog post on CV PAD

Important Update on Taiko Early Birds Pool Terms

We are informing you on an update with respect to deal terms for CV Pad’s Taiko Early Bird sale. Previously, the sale price was disclosed as $1.5, representing a 25% discount of the official public sale price. We have now corrected the public sale price to $2 to match Taiko’s official public sale offering.

Taiko Blog post on CV PAD

Taiko Early Birds Pool on CV Pad!

We're thrilled to announce the Taiko Deal on CV Pad, featuring an exclusive Early Birds Pool with 30,000 TAIKO tokens up for grabs! We are kicking it off strong with one of the strongest open-source projects out of Asia. 

CV Pad Partnerships

CV Pad Ramps Up with High-Profile And Strategic Impact Partnerships for its ‘Launchpad+’

CV Pad is stirring up the Web3 incubator and launchpad market as it unveils an unparalleled ecosystem of support that transcends the traditional launchpad model. CV Pad's partnership matrix reveals a formidable coalition with leading industry giants, offering services that cater to every aspect of project development and post-launch sustainability.

Mathias Ruch

Founder Spotlight: Mathias Ruch, Co-Founder Of CV Pad

CV Pad has entered the scene in response to the growing opportunities presented by the fact that Web3 is dismantling investment barriers. Today, we spoke with Mathias Ruch, the Co-Founder of CV Pad, whose vision for the platform transcends traditional venture capital frameworks. Having started his career in media, he now sits at the forefront of blockchain technology VC, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table.

Florian Kohler CV Pad Spotlight

CV Pad to Open Doors to the 'Real' World of Crypto, Says Co-Founder Florian Kohler

In Web3, the journey from an innovative idea to a successful venture is often fraught with challenges. At the heart of this journey lies the critical need for support, funding, and strategic partnerships. Enter Florian Kohler, the co-founder of CV Pad, a visionary platform aiming to redefine the venture capital model within the Web3 ecosystem.

Get a piece of Alpha with CV Pad

CV Pad’s Utility Token Set for Imminent Launch

The next-generation launchpad, CV Pad, supported by the collective expertise of CV VC, CV Labs, and DuckDAO, has announced that its native token will launch soon.

CV Pad

Introducing CV Pad: The “Launchpad+” by Industry Titans CV VC, CV Labs, and DuckDAO

Blockchain technology is reshaping industries from finance to physical infrastructure. CV Pad, a new collective launchpad, has emerged to give everyday investors access to expertly vetted and VC-curated investment opportunities.


CV Pad: fresh avenues to catalyze Web3 projects

In collaboration with DuckDAO, CV VC has launched CV Pad, an early-stage token investment Launchpad+ aiming to democratize access to early-stage Web3 and blockchain investment opportunities that were previously reserved for institutional investors and venture capitalists.