Taiko Early Birds Pool on CV Pad!

Taiko Blog post on CV PAD

We're thrilled to announce the Taiko Deal on CV Pad, featuring an exclusive Early Birds Pool with 30,000 TAIKO tokens up for grabs! We are kicking it off strong with one of the strongest open-source projects out of Asia. 

IMPORTANT: We've published an update regarding this offering.

In short, Taiko is an Ethereum L2 solution that aims to be the based rollup for Ethereum to scalability and efficiency. It features the Taiko Bridge for asset transfers, a Swap feature for token trading, and an Explorer for transparency. TAIKO, the native token, is used for transaction fees, governance, and incentives.

Learn more about the project and the deal here: https://www.cvpad.io/project/taiko

Key Terms & Conditions:

  • Contribution: Contribute $250 USDT to claim an exclusive TAIKO allocation.
  • Bonus for Early Birds: The first 30 CV Pad whitelisted participants will win an additional 50 TAIKO tokens.
  • Allocation Basis: First-come, first-serve.

Contribution Details:

  • Total Allocation: 30,000 TAIKO
  • Contribution Price: 1 TAIKO Token = 2 USDT
  • CV Pad Bonus: 25% TAIKO tokens (the bonus is not affiliated to Taiko).
  • Lockup Terms: 33% tokens unlocked at TGE, the rest linearly vested over the next two months.
  • Total Winners: 180 lucky participants.

Important Note: The public round is $2, and CV Pad independently offers users an exclusive bonus of 25% TAIKO tokens (the bonus is not affiliated to Taiko).

Distribution Results:

  1. Full Distribution: All contributed tokens will be converted into the new project tokens based on the subscription price. These will be distributed to the Funding Account according to the unlocking schedule.
  2. Full Distribution + Early Whitelisting Bonus: 30 Early CV Pad whitelisted users get an additional 50 TAIKO allocation.

Important Dates:

  • Whitelist Ends: May 30, 2024, 4:15 PM CET
  • Contribution Period: May 31, 2024, 4:15 PM CET – June 4, 2024, 4:15 PM CET
  • Expected Bybit CEX Listing: June 2024

Additional Whitelist Details:

  • Before Project Announcement: Eligible for bonus tokens (snapshot taken).
  • After Project Announcement: Not eligible for bonus tokens but can still participate.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Taiko token sale on CV Pad! Secure your spot, contribute, and win an exciting TAIKO allocation.

Register now for the Taiko deal and be a part of this groundbreaking opportunity!