RunesTerminal IDO: Unleashing the Bitcoin Ecosystem on CV Pad

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Get ready for a groundbreaking opportunity as RunesTerminal, a beacon of innovation in the Bitcoin ecosystem, prepares for its IDO on CV Pad. Leveraging the Runes Protocol, RunesTerminal is set to revolutionize how we interact with Bitcoin, bringing a suite of powerful tools and unmatched utility to the forefront. This launch is more than just an IDO; it’s a comprehensive campaign that includes a free Ordinals NFT Mint and Meme token launch, aimed at driving awareness and engagement.

RunesTerminal Launchpad Raise Overview

The RunesTerminal launchpad raise is a multifaceted campaign designed to attract and engage users, offering them a unique opportunity to get involved in one of the most promising projects on the Bitcoin network. This campaign is not exclusive and will be running concurrently with other communities and launchpads, but our bundled approach makes it stand out.

Project Launch Timeline

  • June 12: Announce Project and kickoff Whitelist at 5 PM CET.
  • June 17: Conclude Investor Whitelist Period at 5 PM CET.
  • June 18: Meme Sale at a time to be announced. 
  • June 18: CV Pad Users can start contributions for $RUNI at 5 PM CET.
  • End of June: TGE Distribution
  • July: Mint for “Ape Odyssey Terminal 2” Ordinals Collection.

Meme Token Launch - 18 June

The first MEMECUBATION is happening on Runesterminal next week! This is the #SENDAPES MEME, a Runes token, but you need to get whitelisted now to join the meme launch! To participate you will contribute a very low amount (below 10$) in USDT on BSC. 

Go to and click CONNECT to create an account. You need Metamask and Xverse installed. The account is needed in combination with the form, otherwise you might be only whitelisted for the public pool. The Memecubation on Runesterminal is taking place on (or around) the 18th June. The meme token will also be listed on a smaller CEX and on MagicEden.

RUNI Token Launch - TGE - End of June

The RUNI token, central to the RunesTerminal ecosystem, is launching on CV Pad. RUNI provides early access to future meme sales, higher chances in whitelist raffles, and exclusive access to upcoming ordinal collections. As the main utility token of the platform, RUNI enhances the user experience and offers long-term benefits. Tokens will be listed on top exchanges shortly after the launch, boosting their value and liquidity. 

Details about the CV Pad IDO can be found below.

Ordinals Collection - Mint in July

The "Ape Odyssey Terminal" 2 Ordinals Collection offers free NFTs mintable in July. The first collection was a massive success, with free mints now trading around $300 and peaking at $2.5k. CV Pad will manage the whitelisting for this new collection. CV Pad will receive 50-100 whitelist spots, raffled exclusively among users who create an account on Runes Terminal. This is a golden opportunity to secure unique digital items with significant profit potential. 

Whitelist and Lottery Details


Google Forms  👈 Click here to get started!


  1. Create a Runes Terminal account
    2. Create a CV Pad account
    3. Follow Runes Terminal on Twitter
    4. Join Runes Terminal Discord and Telegram
    5. Join CV Pad Discord
    6. Follow CV Pad on Twitter
    7. Retweet the announcement post

Participants who complete the whitelist tasks will get a lottery ticket for the sale. 

The Lottery will be conducted through, through their verifiable multi-round giveaway service. We will publish a separate blog post to communicate the winners.

Each participant will gain one lottery ticket for completing the whitelist campaign, however, OG users (registered on before May 30, 3:58 PM CET) will receive 1 additional ticket (total 2 lottery tickets) as a reward for their early support of CV Pad.

Lottery winners from the whitelist will have a 1-hour advantage to invest in the IDO. After this hour, the opportunity will open up to all other successfully whitelisted participants.In total, 150 people will be able to participate in the Runes Terminal IDO on CV Pad.

Please note that the additional tickets provided to OG users are exclusively for the IDO event, and not for the Meme Token Sale and the Ape Odyssey Terminal 2 Free NFT Mint.

The Runes Meme Sale will be available to everybody who completes the whitelist campaign, and a separate lottery will be conducted for the Ape Odyssey Terminal 2 Free NFT Mint.

Allocation Details

  • Total Allocation: $30,000
  • Public Round Token Price: $0.945  
  • FDV: $19,845,000
  • Min/Max Allocation Sizes: $200 per participant
  • Pool Structure: Single pool with extra tickets for the initial whitelisted group.
  • Lottery: Managed by Random.Org using the Bitcoin block #875,363 hash.

This campaign is set to drive significant engagement and provide users with everything they need to participate in upcoming events through RunesTerminal. By bundling these offerings, CV Pad and RunesTerminal ensure a comprehensive and exciting opportunity for all involved. 

How to Participate?

Participation in the $RUNI token sale on CV Pad is simple. Completing every task in our Google Forms Campaign will get you ready for this event. 

Most importantly, visit and connect your wallet, then proceed with KYC.

Make sure to #sendapes on Twitter to show support for this campaign! Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of Bitcoin’s next big leap.